Camper KIT LPG bottles Refillable LPG-bottle 27L + side filling + 3 filling adaptors

Refillable LPG-bottle 27L + side filling + 3 filling adaptors


LPG bottle RV11 for direct filling on the side of the bottle. Includes 3 filling adaptors and the side filling adaptor.

  • Including all filling adaptors for Europe, except Spain and Portugal
  • Filling LPG direct on the gasbottle on the side
  • Easy filling, just open the door from your camping car and you can fill
    The side filling adaptor is premounted by us when we deliver the bottle.
  • With content indictor direct on the side of the bottle
    Easy readying, no mirror needed.
  • The bottles has the same dimensions as a standard propane or butane bottle of 11 kg

Refillable LPG bottle 26,5 Liters. Empty weight: only 12,7 kg. The bottle is even lighter if you unmount the holding cradle.

Dimensions with the cradle

  • Height 580 mm
  • Diameter 304 mm

Dimensions without the cradle

  • Height 550 mm
  • Diameter 304 mm


  • Filling 21,2 Liters (80% of 26,5 Liters)
  • The bottle has overflow protection. Suppose you have crash and the pipe after the bottle would break, the bottle will close itself automatically.
  • Colour: Red RAL 3000
  • Made of light weight steel
  • With new approval date
  • Approved for LPG

The bottle is equipped with

  • 80% Filling stop
  • Knee for filling hose + the side filling adaptor for direct filling
  • Over pressure valve
    If the pressure in the bottle would beome too big, the overpressure valve will open so that it is impossible that the bottle will explode
  • Outlet valve with universal Shell connection
  • Holding cradle can be unscrewed so you will save height
  • Content indicator on the side for easy reading.