Content indicators & switches LPG Gas Start Switch AEB722 with Level Indicator

LPG Gas Start Switch AEB722 with Level Indicator


Advanced LPG Gas Start Switch AEB722 for Carburetors - Safe and Reliable with LED Level Indicator

The LPG Gas Start Switch AEB722 is a crucial component for vehicles equipped with a carburetor and an electronic LPG evaporator. Offering a safe transition from gasoline to LPG with an integrated level indicator and safety relay, the AEB722 ensures efficient operation of your LPG system.


  • Level Indicator: LED indicators for accurate fuel level measurement.
  • Safety Relay: Integrated protection for your vehicle.
  • Programmable: Customizable choke time and idling settings.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for carburetors with an electronic LPG evaporator.

Delivery Content:

  • LPG tank content indicator with switch
  • Integrated safety relay
  • Wiring harness
  • Fuse with fuse holder
  • Mounting bracket


This LPG switch is easy to install and program, allowing you to effortlessly switch from gasoline to LPG. It is the perfect upgrade for vehicles with a carburetor that use an electronic LPG evaporator.

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Tech. Specifications
Compatible with different types of Gas level sensors (AEB, 0÷4700 Ohm, 0 ÷ 90 Ohm, RESERVE).
Safety-Car device incorporated.
Functions are push button programmable:
– priming time adjustment
– type of level sensor installed
– reservoir emptying/filling
Quick installation by means of fixing brackets included in the pack or flush mounted (using the cutter that is to buy separately).
Supply voltage 10÷14 Vdc.
Rated Gas output current (BLUE wire) max. 5 A
Rated PETROL output current (YELLOW wire) max. 5 A

E3 67R-016023
E3 110R-006044
Homologation document:

Package contents
bag of accessories
Switch fixing bracket
fixing screws
Fitting instructions

Also sold under name Landi Renzo 094A/616035000 - for carburetor with electronic reducer, with level indicator.

Detailed description

AEB722A Gas Start Switch with LED Content Indicator and Safety Relay for Carburetor Engine

This type of LPG switch is designed for use with classic LPG systems in vehicles with a carburetor. It features a push button for selecting the fuel type (Gasoline/LPG) and LEDs for the LPG Tank Content Indicator. The switch remembers the last selected setting and on starting in LPG mode, the system automatically initiates on gas, with a pre-set choke time. Switching from gasoline to gas utilizes a carburetor drain time, with the option to activate a filling time when switching back to gasoline. It also includes a built-in safety relay.

Optional tank sensor:
Not included with this product and dependent on the type of LPG tank. Suitable 0-90 Ohm tank sensors available for a 4-hole tank or Multivalve LPG tank.
Warning: Connect the switch to a protected 12V source (Max. 5A). Use an external 5-pin relay for activating the gas shut-off valves, not directly from the switch.

Suitable for vehicles with a carburetor and LPG conversion with an electric evaporator. Adjustable aspects include choke time, drain time and/or fill time, and the type of tank sensor signal for an accurate content indication. The switch supports multiple tank sensor signals: AEB sensor, 0-4700 Ohm sensor, 0-90 Ohm sensor, Reserve Sensor.

The safety relay ensures that the gas shut-off valves close within a second of an unexpected engine stop, thus stopping the gas supply.

The Choke Time can be set from 0 - 8 sec, facilitating the vehicle's start on gas.

(Note: For first generations of gasoline injection systems such as K-jetronic, L-jetronic, Monopoint, Dual point, the gasoline start switch type AEB725A is used instead of AEB722A.)


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