Content indicators & switches Transmitter 0-95 ohm - Schramifa-Holland Livello L7

Transmitter 0-95 ohm - Schramifa-Holland Livello L7

Transmitter 0-95 ohm - Schramifa-Holland Livello L7

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Schramifa-Holland Livello L7 Sender with 0-95 Ohm & % Fill Gauge

Advanced Level Measurement and Direct Reading
The Schramifa-Holland Livello L7 sender offers an advanced solution for tank level measurement with a 0-95 Ohm signal transmission to the LED display, and also provides a direct reading in % on the gauge itself. This versatile sender combines accurate measurements with the convenience of a directly readable fill indicator.

Reliable Level Measurement
The Livello sender 0-95 Ohm is designed for accurate tank level measurement, ideal for use in 4-hole tanks. This sender provides a reliable signal for content indication with LEDs, making it easy to monitor the LPG level in your tank.

Easy Installation
Includes two cables for soldering for smooth installation. This sender is compatible with tank meters on tanks with an appendage plate.

Benefits and Specifications:

  • Accurate measurement: 0-95 Ohm
  • Suitable for 4-hole tanks
  • Easy installation with included cables
  • Increased accuracy

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