Injectors AEB Polymer injector 3 cyl. (D1.6 nozzles, accessory)

AEB Polymer injector 3 cyl. (D1.6 nozzles, accessory)

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The fourth generation 3 cylinder Injector Rail for LPG/CNG.

Can be installed in a cars with a capacity of up to 60 hp per cylinder.

Requires no adjustment stroke.

AEB injector Rail 3 cylinders.



  • Injector Type: RP3SU
  • Number of Injectors: 3
  • Included Parts:
    • 1 x AEB stil inj. injector RAIL blank cover
    • 1 x AEB stil inj. 1x12 injector RAIL adapter
    • 3 x AEB nozzle W manifold
    • 3 x AEB nozzle d1.6 polymer, red
    • 5 x AEB spring clamp for d1.5 injectors
    • 1 x Injection rail. AEB 3 cylinder plastic

Description: The AEB Injector Rail for 3 cylinders, made of durable plastic, comes with 1.6mm nozzles for efficient fuel injection. The package includes all necessary parts, including adapters, nozzles, and spring clamps. This rail is compatible with RP3SU injector type and provides reliable and accurate fuel distribution for smooth engine operation.