Injectors AEB Polymer injector nozzle D1.8 Yellow

AEB Polymer injector nozzle D1.8 Yellow

AEB Polymer injector nozzle D1.8 Yellow

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AEB Polymer Injector Nozzles D1.8 Yellow - Gas Injection Optimization

Product Description:

AEB Polymer Injector Nozzles

The AEBINJ calibration nozzles, specifically designed for AEB plastic bodies, provide optimal performance for your RP2SU, RP3SU, RP4SU injector rails. These nozzles are commonly used in sequential gas injection sets from leading Italian companies such as AEB, Landi Renzo, and KING.

Technical Specifications:

  • Made of yellow polymer with sealing O-ring
  • Outer diameter: 5.8 millimeters
  • Calibration hole diameter: 1.8 millimeters
  • Secured with a special expansion ring


  • Suitable for AEB injectors
  • Injector type: RP2SU, RP3SU, RP4SU
  • Inner diameter: 1.8 mm
  • Suitable for gas hoses with an inner diameter of 6 mm


It is recommended to use the same size injector nozzles as your current nozzles. If you change the Nozzle size, the software setting needs to be adjusted. Note: Your nozzles may have been bored out by the LPG specialist to achieve the desired power. Always check the passage diameter of your current nozzles.