Injectors GFI injector 2.75 LPG E4 67R-010186

GFI injector 2.75 LPG E4 67R-010186

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GFI Injector 2.75 for Vehicles up to 50KW/Cylinder

GFI Injector 2.75
This injector is suitable for vehicles with a power output of up to 50 KW per cylinder. Due to special diaphragm technology, these injectors from Teleflex GFI are very quiet and precise.

Fuel Type
Suitable for both CNG and LPG.

The GFI injector can be found in OEMs from Citroen and Subaru, GFI EZ Tech, and GFI SGI systems, among others.

Life Expectancy and Quality
With a maintenance-free life expectancy of 150,000km, the GFI injector is definitely one of the best injectors on the market.

2.75 = for vehicles above 35KW/cylinder

Homologation Numbers
E4 67R-010186 E4 110R-000105

Manufacturer Numbers