Modification kit 4 x GSI inj. -> 4 x 2.25 GFI injectors


Your car is running with GSI injectors? These are mounted on systems from Koltec, Necam, GFI, GFI Control Systems and TeleflexGFI. The production has stopped for these injectors, but we still have some on stock @ 258€ per injector.

But you might also prefer to change to the new GFI injectors, which are of better quality. We have a special set for this, which makes changing the injectors as easy as one two three.

What about the software?
In most cars you can replace the injectors without having to make changes to the software.

But in some cars, the engine stops at the red light if you have not change the software. For the rest the car is running fine. So far, we never had this problem when we only replaced 1 or 2 injectors on a car (and the other injectors remained the old GSI injectors).

If you have the software for GFI, you can always ask me for the calibration file for that car. But in that case I need to know if you have an ECU type AG type 2 or 3. I do not have calibration files for the older Koltec-Necam ECU's. If you have an ECU AG type 3: the calibration can always be done for any car, as long as you have the software and hardwarekey for both AG dedicated SGI and for AG EZ-SGI.