Injectors Necam EGI Injector 2d hand

Necam EGI Injector 2d hand

Necam EGI Injector 2d hand

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Nylon 46 Injector - Necam Low-pressure regulator in black plastic.

  • Homologation E4-110R-00-0008
  • This gas injector is specially designed for the EGI system of Necam Koltec and has the product code 241500-205. This is a used, but original part that comes with a 6-month warranty. The injector is produced by KOLTEC NECAM and is suitable for use in both Koltec EGI and Necam MEGA systems.

Technical specifications

  • Nozzle diameter of 11.2 mm on the collector side
  • Inlet port diameter of 8 mm
  • Injector diameter of 37.5 mm
  • Manufacturer number: 241500-205 (KOLTEC)