Overhaul Coil 12V 11W amp

Coil 12V 11W amp

Coil 12V 11W amp

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Solenoid valve coil AMP 12V11W

  • Rear solenoid valve coil AMP for TOMASETTO multivalve, type AT02. Power supply 12V 11W.
  • Application possibilities:
    • Originally mounted on DACIA Sandero and RENAULT Clio tanks
  • Benefits:
    • Reliable operation of the polyvalve
    • Compatible with RENAULT reference: 250600650R
    • Compatible with Lovato ref. 118151001

Dimensions: Height: 37 mm, width: 31,4 mm, length: 35,2 mm, inner diameter: 12,1 mm, upper mounting hole diameter: 5,3 mm.

Homologation: E8 10R-036564