Overhaul Tomasetto Coil 12V 17W amp

Tomasetto Coil 12V 17W amp

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Looking for a high-quality replacement magnetic coil for your Tomasetto LPG system? This 12V DV magnetic coil with a power output of 17W is specifically designed to work in combination with 0° multivalves with an 8mm outlet. The coil features an AMP connection and is a perfect fit for Tomasetto's electromagnetic valves and LPG vaporizers, including the AT 07, AT09 ALASKA, AT09 ARTIC, AT09 NORDIC, AT09 NORDIC XP, AT13, and AT13 XP models.

The magnetic coil has an inner diameter of 12mm at the top opening and 5mm at the bottom opening. With this high-quality replacement magnetic coil, you can ensure that your Tomasetto system runs smoothly.