Pressure and temperature sensors AEB rail temperature sensor for metal rail

AEB rail temperature sensor for metal rail

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AEB Rail Temperature Sensor for AEB and Vogels VGI Injectorrail

  • Sensor for measuring gas temperature on the rail
  • Resistance temperature sensor: 4.7 Ohm
  • Connection: Connector IP 54 type SICMA 2

Compatible with the following injectors:

  • AEB Injectorrail INJ I-PLUS
  • Vogels VGI Injectorrail

The AEB Gas Temperature Sensor is used to measure the temperature of the AEB / VGI gas injector rail. The type of temperature sensor is 4.7 Ohm and the connector is of the IP 54 type SICMA 2.


  • Suitable for AEB Injector Rail AEB INJ I-PLUS 4RS and 2RS.
  • Suitable for Vogels VGI Injector Rail 4 cyl. and 2 cyl.
  • Suitable for aluminum gas distribution blocks used in 6 and 8 cylinder systems.


  • High quality and accurate measurements.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Suitable for different types of injector rails and gas distribution blocks.
  • Helps optimize gas injection for better performance and vehicle efficiency.