Pressure and temperature sensors BRC sensor DE802053 for injectors

BRC sensor DE802053 for injectors

BRC sensor DE802053 for injectors

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The BRC "PTS" temperature and pressure sensor with integrated connector for Rail Sequent 24/56 old (BRC DE802053) is a pressure and temperature sensor for the old type of BRC rail. It has a measuring range up to 2.5 bar, an 18mm thread and a 22mm wrench size. It has a resistance of 3.5 kohm and an electric plug of 4 pins. This sensor is produced by MTM BRC Italy and has cod. 09SQ00990005.


  • Suitable for measuring pressure and temperature on old BRC rails
  • Can be used to detect pressure changes in LPG and GPL systems


  • Accurately measures pressure and temperature
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and reliable.


  • Pressure sensor Injector
  • Sensor for old-type injectors
  • The measuring range of 2.5 bar

Technical data

  • maximum pressure up to 2.5 bar
  • thread 18 mm
  • Key 22 mm
  • The resistance of 3.5 ohm
  • The electrical connector 4 pins
  • Cod.09SQ00990005 MTM BRC Italy
  • Homologation 67R01-0262