Regulators Reducer BRC Genius MAX 240KW

Reducer BRC Genius MAX 240KW


IMPCO BRC Genius Max reducer – LPG
High capacity reducer/vaporiser

  • BRC LPG reducer G-Max
  • Diaphragm single-stage type building
  • Adjusted pressure: 150 kPa relative to the intake manifold pressure
  • No bleeding operation needed
  • Approval: R67-01 / E13*67R01*0254 
  • For sequential LPG injection systems BRC SQ24, SQ56, Plug&Drive
  • Serve engines with power up to 240KW
  • Including temperature sensor

Technical data

  • Max power: 240KW
  • Gas Inlet: 8mm (M12x1 thread)
  • Gas Outlet: 12mm
  • Coolant hose nozzles: 16mm
  • Vacuum hose nozzle: 5mm

The reducer can be delivered under different names: IMPCO, GFI, BRC, MTM, Westport, Zavoli of OMVL. They are all identical and are made in the same factory.

  • Art. no. GFI GFNE010I0003 (GFI Genius Max Pro Boost)
  • Art. no. BRC 01RD00503554