Wiring Looms 2-way AMP super seal plug

2-way AMP super seal plug

2-way AMP super seal plug

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Waterproof Superseal Connector 2-Pin - Auto & Marine Use

Product Description Title: Superseal Waterproof 2-Pin Connector for Automotive and Marine Applications

Product Description: The Superseal waterproof 2-pin connector is crucial for electrical connections in cars, RVs, caravans, and marine applications like boats. Meeting the rigorous standards of IEC 529 & DIN40050 IP67, this connector is fully waterproof, safeguarding against oxidation and moisture. Ideal for connecting lights, horns, sensors, and more, the Superseal connector is fully interchangeable with existing components.

Mounting Instructions:

  • Slide the sealing rubber over the wire before stripping it.
  • Strip the wire and crimp the contact to the wire.
  • Insert the contacts into the connector housing until they click into place and then press the red lock mechanism.


  • Waterproof according to IP67 standard
  • Prevents oxidation for long-lasting conductivity
  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions

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