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Ledindicator with intergrated switch

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The VAN MEENEN 5 LED Level Indicator with Integrated Switch offers a convenient way to monitor the gas level of your supplied VAN MEENEN tank or bottle from inside your vehicle. Here are some key features:

  • LED display: You can turn the LED display on and off as needed, making it easy to check your gas level at any time.

  • Easy installation: The 12-volt indicator is easy to install and does not require removal of any valves from the tank. It only needs a separate on-tank sender unit.

  • Simple wiring: You can use a 2-core wire to connect the sender unit to the LED level gauge in your vehicle, making the installation process hassle-free.

  • Compatibility: The VAN MEENEN tank sender, which is supplied separately, picks up the level from the float magnet in your 4-hole refillable gas tank, and relays it to the LED gauge inside your vehicle. This feature is compatible with any VAN MEENEN 4-hole product or a multivalve Alugas or Gaslow bottle.

  • Note on calibration: Please note that the VAN MEENEN LED Gauge is not a calibrated unit, so the tank contents displayed may vary.

Ledindicator, to be combined with transmitter 0-90 Ohm or 0-95 Ohm or 5-95 Ohm.

Colours: black=ground/green-black=plus battery/connect white thread with green from sender Livello or with white from SRG sender.

Rotarex part. no. 488-845-3001. Content indicator with leds and integrated switch


The indicator always shows full, even when my tank is empty. The transmitter on the tank does indicate correctly.
A common mistake is that the transmitter ground on the tank is not properly connected. Please connect the black cable of the transmitter directly to the ground (the negative terminal) of the battery.

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