Content indicators & switches Transmitter 0-90 Ohm - SRG (AEB820)

Transmitter 0-90 Ohm - SRG (AEB820)


The AEB tank level sensor is an external sending unit designed for 4-hole LPG tanks. It electronically sends gas level information from the built-in tank gauge to your LED contents gauge (listed separately on this website).

Key features:

  • 0-90 ohm sending: The sensor sends signals from 0-90 ohms and comes with 2 wires. It can be connected to your Autogas ECU unit or the separately purchased 5 LED VAN MEENEN contents gauge in your vehicle.
  • Compatibility: This sensor is designed to work with 4-hole LPG tanks.
  • Compatibility limitations: This item is only designed for 4-hole gas tanks and cannot be used for multivalve tanks.
  • Incompatibility: It will not work with 1-hole tanks or with Alugas or Gaslow LPG bottles, or with standard exchange bottles
  • Note: The accuracy of the tank contents displayed may vary since this sending unit is not calibrated.
  • Signal: 0-90 ohms (empty = 0 ohms, full = 90 ohms)
  • Fuel level sensor for LPG tanks
  • Comes with a 5 cm cable and plug.

Examples of applications:

The AEB tank level sensor can be used in various applications, including:

  • Campers: This sending unit makes it easier for campers to check the gas level in their tanks while on the go.
  • Cars: The AEB tank level sensor can be installed in cars running on autogas, allowing the driver to easily check the gas level without stepping out of the car.
  • Boats: This sending unit is also handy for boat owners using autogas, as it enables them to check the gas level in their tanks while on the water.

Overall, the AEB tank level sensor is a useful tool for anyone using autogas and wanting to monitor their gas levels.


The pointer cannot rotate completely. During assembly, the pointer might choose a certain side. It's possible that it indicates the side labeled "full". If that's the case, disassemble the transmitter, turn the pointer until it points to "empty", and then reassemble the transmitter.